About The Journey

The journey to Quarantine Racism® Outlet began several decades ago. I began as a math teacher for over 13 years. I worked in several school districts which included – District of Columbia, Prince Georges County, Philadelphia, Camden, NJ, and Cherry Hill East High School. Afterwards I worked several years as a central office worker as a Curriculum Supervisor and pre-k to 12 Math Supervisor. In 2005, I worked as an assistant principal at Camden County Technical High School – Pennsauken Campus. I was the second Black male administrator that had ever worked at this high school. This is a picture of me with the other two Camden County Technical High School administrators.

As an administrator I was responsible for supervising teachers and student discipline. As I continued with my daily tasks. I noticed that student discipline was consuming the majority of my time. Specifically, Black students account for 45% of the processed disciplinary infractions while accounting for only 33% of the student population. Hispanics, Whites, and Asians account for 53%, 1%, and 1%, of the processed disciplinary infractions, respectively.

The following graphic reveals that there was an imbalance in the school demographics.

At that time, I was a doctoral student a Rowan University. I decided to do my dissertation on ‘Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Classroom Relationships’. Shortly thereafter, I published my first book – Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Classroom Relationships.

After writing the book, I was invited as an author to conduct book signings. I was invited to speak at conferences – to include the NAACP, school boards, and conducted Racial Equality seminars.

I started a radio talk show titled ‘Culturally Speaking with Doctor Derrick’. I had numerous guests from various industries and backgrounds. I ensured that each guest knew that the focus of the show was determine viable solutions for racial equity challenges of people of color. Here are a few photos of the show.


In the interim, I started a Racial Equity business which is found at RacismExterminator.com


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