Cultural Risk Audit

There’s a disturbing paradox in the America’s schools and workplace that necessitates the need for a Cultural Risk Audit. As organizations look to reap the benefits of a diverse, multicultural and inclusive workforce and student population, the countervailing force of racism often undermines that effort, creating challenges that both school leaders and human resources personnel often find difficult to determine the primary contributing factors.

Racial allegations are damaging in many areas. For example, racial allegations can bring unwanted media attention. Employee morale can suffer which in the long run will have an impact on the culture on the organization as well as overall production. 

Businesses and schools can further protect their image, employees, and students by having an independent audit for purpose of evaluating racism. The cultural risk audit is accomplished in two ways.

During the audit we:

  • Evaluate root cause(s) using quantitative methods
  • Evaluate root cause(s) using qualitative methods
  • Evaluate values, attitudes, and beliefs that contribute to racial tensions
  • Develop Systemic Structure to determine best starting point to reduce racial tensions
  • Recommend best leadership practices for reducing racial tensions

“The model that you use to analyze teacher-student relationships is a good one for most school districts”. 
Joe Vas
Perth Amboy Mayor

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