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Increasing Acceptable Black Student Behaviors

The Ultimate Guide to Classroom Racism Management
  • Book Version
Effectively Responding to Black Student Behaviors
  • Audio Version
  • Printed Version of Blacks Student
  • Black Student Classroom Behaviors Record
  • Book - Lose Your Belly
  • Book - Understanding Childhood Friendships
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Developing Respect & Rapport with Black Students
  • Audio Version
  • Book - The Influential Leader
  • Book - Extreme Couponing
  • Book - Children’s Psychology
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Avoiding Negative Interactions with Black Parents
  • Audio Version
  • Audio - Tips for Parents
  • Book - Control College Debt
  • Book - Children Safety Online
  • Book - Boost Your Energy +++
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Eliminating Friction with School Administrators Over Classroom Discipline
  • Audio Version
  • School Leadership Podcasts
  • Book - 101 Ways to travel Around the World for Cheap
  • Book - Healthy Lifestyles
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Classroom Management Consulting Service
  • One-On-One Session
  • I Will Take Notes and Send Them to You
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  • I Will Give You Any Assets That You Need from the Call
  • I Will Follow-Up with You in 30 Days
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