Should the NBA use Quarantine Racism as their new anti-racism slogan?


With the spread of Racism in our country, establishment views were questioned when applied to historically underserved peoples. After the discovery of the New World, many of the clergies sent to the New World were educated in the new humane values of the Renaissance.

Racial discrimination is recognized as a key social determinant of health and driver of racial/ethnic health inequities. Studies have shown that people exposed to racism have poorer health outcomes (particularly for mental health), alongside both reduced access to health care and poorer patient experiences. Most of these studies have used cross-sectional designs: this prospective cohort study (drawing on critical approaches to health research) should provide substantially stronger causal evidence regarding the impact of racism on subsequent health and health care outcomes.

Sports and games keep us healthy and fit. Sports are a useful means of entertainment, physical activity, energy, and strength. Sports slogans are a great tool for motivation.

Basketball is said to have the power to bring people together, regardless of their age, race, gender, culture, or nationality. With the help of the National Basketball Association (NBA), we have a huge opportunity in hand to educate and communicate the people around us regarding the harms of racism and how they affect ours as well as our children’s life.

A catchy slogan is an excellent tool to help you come up with a creative tagline for your team.

Despite much talk of a post-racial opportunities to a new window of society, racism never went away. It’s important to recognize that racism is embedded in our workplaces, schools, hospitals, and the criminal justice system in ways that many of us may not even notice. And while the    impacts of policies and attitudes that perpetuate this system are felt disproportionately by    communities of historically underserved people, they make everyone’s lives worse.

The NBA and its players have decided to become part of the solution by incorporating slogans at each game. While this decision is plausible, it could cause a decrease in viewership in those who oppose the NBA’s decision.

According to Sports Media Watch, a website that tracks sports television ratings, the NBA saw its national ratings decline 4% from its pre-pandemic average through the league’s first week of returning to action. Some critics blame the leagues response to the social unrest.

City Journal – an urban policy magazine – reports that NBA players have argued that the business of the league should be a lower priority than social change, they’ve also earned increasing criticism, even within the Black community, for supporting the controversial Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Many have given money to the group, and the league has blazoned BLM slogans courtside and on uniforms.

We must continue the fight against racism and discrimination by teaching respect and tolerance, by sharing the common history of all humanity. Human rights extend to everyone, and we must work constantly to let everybody know that they must work towards eliminating racism.

In the light of above, I have created a slogan ‘Quarantine Racism’ to use in your basketball league. I hope with this slogan we will be able to fight against racism even in the community of basketball lovers.

I request that you use my slogan in all the scheduled matches and reflect our part for fighting against racism.

Awaiting your valuable response.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Derrick L. Campbell

PO Box 4707

Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

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