Book – Leadership Principles – Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Classroom Relationships



“Promoting Positive Racial Teacher-Student Relationships Leadership Principles” focuses on the leadership principles necessary for a successful transition. The leadership principles are important due the racial dynamics. The racial, power, and socioeconomic dynamics can provide a disadvantage for students and staff when attempting a diversity initiative that involves promoting positive racial teacher-student classroom relationships.

Overcoming the racial dynamics that contribute to racism in schools requires a process and specific leadership characteristics. In this book, you will find those leadership principles.

The school leader can use this book as an introduction to an initiative that addresses the perception of racism in schools school. Using this book will avoid the pitfalls associated with blame and finger pointing. Instead, your leaders will learn they themselves can become the leaders of this type of intuitive with the principles outlined in the book.

The administrator has several options for using the book as part of staff development. 

The First step is to ask your administrators to read a chapter in the book. For example, they could read this chapter named Genesis. After reading this chapter, the school leader has the three options outlined below.

Option 1: Present the leadership principles at the monthly administrator meeting.

Option 2: Ask a small group of administrative leaders to present the principles at the administrator monthly meeting.

Option 3: Require all administrative leaders to read a selected chapter a facilitate a discussion on that chapter.

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