Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Classroom Relationships Management Course


  • Do your administrators believe that you do not give your best efforts to educating Black students?
  • Do you feel exhausted due to negative student classroom behaviors?
  • Do you get blamed for low Black student achievement?
  • Do parents complain about the way that you interact with their children in school?
  • Do administrators limit your power to discipline Black students?
  • Does your ability to teach become reduced because Black’s students do not do your homework?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the course will help you!


The Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Classroom Relationships course has several features that will help teachers. After completing the course:

  1. Administrators will believe that you give your best efforts when teaching Black students
  2. Administrators will be reluctant to reject your discipline referrals for Black students
  3. Teachers will eliminate stress and exhaustion when teaching Black students
  4. Teachers will increase the number of Black students who complete their homework
  5. Black Parents will support your teaching efforts

Embedded with the course are requirements outlined by the nationally acclaimed Danielson Framework which helps teachers to meet teacher evaluation obligations. The Observation and Practice Framework serves as a guide for coaching and mentoring in schools across the country. The framework identifies aspects of a teacher’s responsibilities, which are supported by empirical studies and help to improve student learning.

The course helps teachers meet teacher evaluation obligations in the areas of:

  • 2a – creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport
  • 4c – Communicating with families
  • 4e – Growing and Developing Professionally

The course also has activities embedded that enable participants to meet the nationally accepted 21st Century Professional Development guidelines.


  • Participants learn strategies that result in transforming negative administrator, student, and parent perceptions
  • Participants receive professional development credits
  • Participants will effectively communicate with Black parents
  • Participants will effectively reduce limitations of standardized testing for Black students
  • Participants learn to effectively eliminate blame for low Black student achievement on standardized tests

The number of class participants is limited.

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