Book – The Ultimate Guide To Classroom Racism Management

Book – The Ultimate Guide To Classroom Racism Management



The Ultimate Guide to Classroom Racism Management helps teachers to refine their classroom management skills to ensure that racism is not a factor that contributes to classroom disruptions. Classroom disruptions interrupt either the teacher’s ability to teach or student’s right to learn, and when students are not learning, the perception is that it is the teacher’s fault. Without this book, many teachers will continue to struggle with their classroom management techniques which ultimately impacts the progress for the entire school.

The administrator has several options for using the book as part of staff development. 

The First step is to ask you teachers to read a chapter in the book. For example, they could read this chapter two – Disruptive Mentality. After reading this chapter, the administrator has the three options outlined below.

Option 1: Provide this tool to teachers who are struggling with classroom management of historically underserved students.

Option 2: Select a small group of teachers to read and hold a discussion with them in small group meetings.

Option 3: Select a small group of teachers to present the solutions at your monthly staff meetings.

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