Racial Equity Tools

8 Amazing Tools Everyone In Leadership Can Use

Have you ever tried to start a project on eliminating the perception of racism in your organization? As you attempted to complete the project it did not turn out the way that you planned. Did you realize that maybe you did not have the right tools for completing the project?

This can happen in any business or school. As the leader, you may have had great intentions, but not the correct tools. Having the right tool in your leadership toolbox allow you to accomplish the project with finger pointing or blame. We have compiled a list of 8 tools that every leader need to eliminate the perception of racism.

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Risks — also called threats — are events that, should they occur, can have negative consequences for a business, school, or other type of organization resulting in financial loss, loss of customers and employees, decreased effectiveness as well as damaging their reputation. To be successful organizations must be able to manage … Continue reading 



Protect Your School Today!

It only takes one publicized allegation of racism and your reputation could be destroyed forever.

In the past year, the United States Department of Education Office of Civil Rights received well over 9,000 civil rights complaints. Since complaints become public knowledge, it also becomes an embarrassment for the schools, teachers, and the community. This public knowledge damages the reputation of … Continue reading