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Being an educator is a challenging job. Constantly handling the management of your classroom and doing everything you can to ensure that your students receive the best education that you can provide.

However, the constant accusations of racism against teachers from the media, journalist, national and local civic organizations, community members, and parents must be dismal to say the least. My course proves to be instrumental in training teachers to eliminate any possibility of the perception of racism.

My name is Dr. Derrick L. Campbell, and I am the Racism Exterminator. I run a training course for teachers nation-wide that is focused on improving teacher-student communication based on cultural understandings.

My qualifications come from helping schools after already having served years in the school system completing jobs as both a teacher and as an administrator. As such, I have developed a cutting-edge training course that meets State standards for professional development.

Being culturally inclusive is already a major challenge that we, as a nation, are now trying to overcome. Preparing teachers for better success by involving them in cultural competency training is a great way to unify the nation. However, it is absolutely vital to do so correctly. My course is a surefire way to prepare teachers to teach students of color with an extremely limited risk of conflict in the classroom.

I would love to continue this conversation and discuss in further detail what tools I can provide to ensure successful teacher-student cultural relationships and communication in the classroom.