One of the great tragedies of history was the treatment of Africans and African Americans. African slavery had existed well before Africans arrived with some of the earliest European settlers.

Another tragedy is the attempt to educate children about slavery by isolating and excluding pertinent facts. Many politicians and other organizations have opted to exclude the teaching of slavery from any other viewpoint than those outlined in the present textbooks and school board approved curriculum. Teachers, parents, and students can use this WebQuest so that children can do the research and formulate their own opinions about slavery.



Your task is to research about slavery and then develop a plan for teaching children about the facts of slavery. You will research slavery and then working in your group recommend a plan of action.



The teacher will divide the students into cooperative learning groups of four. Each student is assigned a job within the group to ensure the success of the group.   

  • Each group will research slavery.
  • Each group will create a research paper about slavery, the history of slave owners, and the history of slaves
  • Each group will create a PowerPoint presentation about slavery



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WebQuest Rubric



Now that you have completed the Slavery WebQuest you are better equipped to speak about incidents related to slavery.