Quarantine Racism Symposium

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Quarantine Racism Forum

Quarantine Racism

Black Men of Excellence

The purpose of the Black Men of Excellence forum is for members to support each other by personal and professional development support, ideas, and strategies in the areas of business, family, and leadership.


Black Wall Street & Economic Justice

The destruction of Greenwood a suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma was known as Black Wall Street. In 1921, Greenwood was a place where African American businesses flourished. It all came to an end when the community was attacked, and businesses and homes were burned to the ground. Hundreds were killed and injured. This Black Wall Street forum is for people who desire to share ideas/research/investment strategies etc. and help one another to revitalize our African American communities. To bring about change to our communities we must work together as a team and uplift each other.


Moms Raising Black Children

This group is for mothers who are raising children. This forum is a safe place to uplift each other. Feel free to ask the group questions, share relevant content, and connect with one another.


Racial Equity Brings Social Justice

Welcome! We are glad you are brave enough to help create a more just and sustainable racial equity community. Fell free to share your racial equity and social justice ideas and thoughts. As longs a you keep it clean, all thoughts and ideas a welcomed.