Classroom Management Mini Course

Classroom Management Mini Course


Are you an educator seeking to establish a well-managed and engaging classroom environment with Black students? Our Mastering Classroom Management Mini Course is your key to acquiring the essential skills and knowledge necessary for effective classroom management.

In this intensive mini course, you will:

  • Explore the principles of positive classroom management.
  • Learn how to create a classroom atmosphere that fosters student engagement and cooperation.
  • Develop strategies for addressing challenging behaviors while maintaining a respectful and inclusive learning environment.
  • Discover techniques for building strong teacher-student relationships and enhancing student motivation.
  • Gain insights to increase parental support

Course Duration: 5 weeks (self-paced)

Who Should Attend: This mini course is ideal for both new and experienced educators, as well as anyone interested in improving their classroom management skills. 

What You’ll Achieve:

By the end of this mini course, you will have the tools and understanding to:

– Establish and communicate clear expectations for your students.

– Effectively address discipline issues and create a positive classroom culture.

– Engage and motivate your students for a more enriching learning experience.

– Optimize your time and resources for a well-organized classroom.


Join us in this learning journey, and let’s work together to transform your classroom into a well-managed, vibrant, and constructive learning environment.


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