Classroom Management Mini Course


Trouble Connecting with Black Students in the Classroom?

Try Simple Solutions That Actually Work. So, You Can Make Those Connections

This Training Is Going to Make Your Job as a teacher Easier In 3 Areas

  1. Stop Worrying about Classroom Discipline
    • This training is going help you to stop worrying about classroom discipline because teachers who make positive connections with their students are more likely to have students reciprocate those positive feelings.
  2. Increased Parental Support
    • It will increase parental support because students will talk so much about how well you treat them in the class that even their parents will appreciate and support your teaching efforts.     
  3. Increased Job Satisfaction
    • Students and teachers who are warm, compassionate, and friendly toward one another in the classroom have the potential to improve instruction and learning which makes the job of teaching more satisfying.

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