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Why is PowerNomics by Dr. Claude Anderson the blueprint for fixing the Black community?

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Decades before A Contract With Black America, Dr. Claude Anderson wrote a "manifesto" on what the Black community had to do in order to not become a permanent underclass.  Why is society now listening to him, when they have been avoiding him for decades?  Let's talk!

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Dr. Derrick L. Campbell
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Hey Ty,

Did get a chance to look at the video. A lot of things that were said are important. However, it seemed more of a show to talk more about the past history and the selling of their books without providing the strategies that parents need to teach their children? How can this be used in education to remove blacks from the permanent underclass? The video also speaks to unity and the lack thereof in our communities. 

To answer your original question, society has come to grips with their error in suppressing Blacks. Capitalism cannot exist without creativity which is a well known inherent characteristic of Blacks. 

Dr. Campbell