Dr. Derrick Campbell: A Champion for Racial Equity in Education

Dr. Derrick Campbell, often referred to as the “Classroom Racism Exterminator,” is a renowned educator, author, and consultant dedicated to fostering positive racial relationships in educational settings. Through his organization, Quarantine Racism Educational Services, Dr. Campbell has developed innovative strategies and resources aimed at equipping educators to better support and educate Black students, ensuring an inclusive and respectful learning environment.

Early Career and Education

Dr. Campbell’s journey in education spans over two decades, marked by significant contributions as a teacher, administrator, and consultant. He holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Rowan University, where his research and practical work have focused on improving race relations between teachers and students. His extensive experience in various educational roles has given him a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities within the system.

Quarantine Racism Educational Services

Founded by Dr. Campbell, Quarantine Racism Educational Services is a pioneering initiative aimed at addressing racial disparities in education. The organization offers a range of resources, including books, training programs, and free educational tools designed to help teachers foster positive racial relationships in their classrooms.

One of the flagship offerings is the “Promoting Positive Racial Teacher-Student Classroom Relationships” course. This comprehensive program provides educators with practical strategies and leadership skills necessary to create an inclusive classroom environment. The course covers various aspects, from understanding and minimizing individual biases to using qualitative and quantitative data to promote positive racial interactions【9†source】.

 The “Classroom Racism Exterminator”

Dr. Campbell’s moniker, the “Classroom Racism Exterminator,” stems from his ability to transform perceptions of racism in educational settings. His methods involve coaching educators to recognize and address their own biases, thus fostering an environment where students feel supported and valued. This approach not only enhances student achievement but also builds stronger, more trusting relationships between teachers and students.

 Impact and Success Stories

Dr. Campbell’s work has been implemented in several school districts with remarkable success. For instance, his training at Camden County Technical High School (Pennsauken Campus) and the Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional School District has been met with enthusiastic feedback from educators and administrators alike. These districts have reported significant improvements in teacher-student relationships and overall school climate following Dr. Campbell’s interventions.

Moreover, his work with the Hutchinson Kansas School District, endorsed by the local NAACP President, Darrell Pope, underscores the comprehensive and informative nature of his training programs. Educators who have participated in Dr. Campbell’s seminars often describe them as essential and transformative, emphasizing the need for such training to be a standard part of professional development for all teachers.

Publications and Media Presence

Dr. Campbell is also a prolific author, having written several books on race relations in education and beyond. His works provide both theoretical insights and practical applications, making them valuable resources for educators, administrators, and policymakers. Additionally, Dr. Campbell has hosted a radio talk show titled “Culturally Speaking with Dr. Derrick,” where he discusses issues related to race and education, further amplifying his impact.

A Vision for the Future

Dr. Campbell’s vision extends beyond individual classrooms to the broader educational system. He advocates for systemic changes that support racial equity at all levels, from policy development to everyday classroom practices. His work emphasizes the importance of leadership in driving these changes, as effective leadership is crucial in establishing and sustaining an inclusive educational environment.


Dr. Derrick Campbell’s contributions to education through Quarantine Racism Educational Services represent a significant advancement in the fight for racial equity. His innovative strategies, comprehensive training programs, and unwavering commitment to positive change have made a tangible difference in the lives of countless students and educators. As he continues to expand his work, Dr. Campbell’s influence is set to grow, paving the way for a more inclusive and supportive educational landscape.

For more information on Dr. Derrick Campbell and his work, you can visit the [Quarantine Racism Educational Services website](https://quarantineracism.com) and the [Black Learn Hub](https://blacklearnhub.quarantineracism.com/about-dr-derrick-campbell/).